Comfort Solutions Consulting

CSC is an independent SAP Software Company, existing since 2010. We are a local company with headquarters in the Germany ​.The main tasks are in the SAP Consulting, Suuprt and Developement for Autrorization & Security, Controls and governance, risk and compliance (GRC for SAP software),


Our corporate philosophy is based on the sharing of knowledge, quality and customer satisfaction. Our specialized consultants possess deep insight into risk management to "best practice" . Your detailed technical knowledge, combined with practical business experience ensures our customers the delicate balance between security and compliance, and business needs.


How we differ

What distinguishes us from others is the degree of professionalism we show in offering services that include. design. In a short span of Four years, we have grown and built a reputation as responsible  Contractors and Consultants to multi-building owner because we never compromise with the services and quality of goods according to client needs, efficiently and at a feasible cost. We feel a personal responsibility to every client in every project, large or small. We continue to remain committed to provide you the services and goods that exceed your expectations at all times




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